domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Problems of the world

What about you? Are you happy? 
So, today I'm here to tell as I am unhappy with the things that are happening around us.
And I'm not saying only about my own life, but mean about everyone's life. 
I'm a little worried about the situation that is becaming. Ok, I will be clearer.
I can't think about people, because it is sad. It's sad to note how people is being each day more empty. And I'm  not judging nobody! This is real, cause this is part of this generation. 
And we have to see as a ordinary factor. 
The environment, for example is another thing that bores me. It happens because we (me, you and so much people) allows that animals be dropped in roads and other dark places. Without saying that trees are being cutting by mans and we don't do nothing to avoid that. But it's ok. 
Politicians are not defending the interests of population brasilian, and they are stealing our money instead of use it for education, for health, for public transportation, etc. 
Well, I'd want to stay here, writing more, but I need to go.

Good night ! 

Thanks for reading. Bye !

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