domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Seeking happiness

Hello people! What a time!

So, what are you doing to achieve happiness ?
This is an interesting subject to discuss for me, because every day we are looking for happiness, every time we are anxious to find it.
We can do so many things to have a little of pleasure and wellness that it's becoming a vicious cycle that seems to have no end more.
People need of attention, glee, desire to live, desire to dream, to realize dreams, living well with life in order to be happy.
Some ways to achieve this can be very simple. As smiles,  hugs, affection, gestures of generosity, compassion, glee, kisses, have patience with people, put yourself in someone else's shoes and others displays of affection, makes people more humans. It is great for the development and to contribute to happiness of others and to our own satisfaction, well-being and to we be more happy too.

I will try.


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  1. Um belo texto naty, parabéns. Seu inglês não está enferrujado como você dizia.